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Genomic Health, Inc. is the leading provider of genomic-based diagnostic tests that address both the overtreatment and optimal treatment of early-stage cancer, one of the greatest issues in healthcare today. The Oncotype DX® portfolio of breast, colon and prostate cancer tests applies advanced genomic science to reveal the unique biology of a tumour in order to optimise cancer treatment decisions. For more information, please visit, or

The four commercial products include:

  • The Oncotype DX® breast cancer test, has been shown to predict the likelihood of chemotherapy benefit as well as recurrence in invasive ER+, HER2- breast cancer.
  • The Oncotype DX® breast cancer test for DCIS predicts the likelihood of recurrence.
  • The Oncotype DX® colon cancer test, the first multi-Gene expression test developed for the assessment of risk of recurrence in patients with stage II or III disease.
  • The Oncotype DX® prostate cancer test identifies low- to intermediate-risk patients eligible for active surveillance, as well as those who may benefit from immediate invasive treatment by predicting disease aggressiveness.

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