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When it comes to outsmarting cancer, we believe we’re brighter together. Guided by a commitment to evidence-based practice and integrity in research, we’re proud of our collaborative research approach that is dedicated to shedding light on the unsolved problems in oncology and improving lives for patients with cancer.

Through scientific innovation and collaboration, Boehringer Ingelheim is committed to discovering and developing novel anti-cancer agents that address unmet needs across a broad range of solid and haematological malignancies. We’re driven by a passion to improve the lives of patients who are battling cancer and a determination for cancer to eventually be treated as a chronic condition. Two agents are currently approved in many countries for specific NSCLC sub-types and the oncology portfolio is supported by a strong early pipeline. As part of a unique research approach, our active partnering strategy aims to further strengthen our presence in this key therapeutic area.

Boehringer Ingelheim in Oncology

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The ‘Let’s Collaborate’ initiative launched by Boehringer Ingelheim in Oncology is the guiding ethos directing the company’s commitment to oncology and to improving the future of cancer patients. This principle recognises that collaboration is fundamental to making a difference to patients’ lives. Working together connects, potentiates and enhances ideas, research and education. “Let’s Learn”, an extension of this initiative, is an invitation to all healthcare professionals working in oncology to share experiences, exchange ideas, and learn together, in order to advance the common goal of improving the outlook for cancer patients.

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Multimedia from congresses

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Find the latest Boehringer Ingelheim resources to come out of major international oncology conferences, and learn more about the LUX and LUME series of clinical trials.

ELCC 2016 Industry Satellite Symposium

Current Insights Perspectives NSCLC Treatment

MedEd resources from Boehringer Ingelheim

Educational cancer slide kits

Boehringer Ingelheim have produced slide kits that discuss the epidemiology, disease classification and pathology of head and neck Squamous cell carcinoma and malignant pleural mesothelioma. Clinical information is also provided in relation to diagnosis, disease staging and treatment options.

To keep up do date with the status of the phase II/III clinical trial of nintedanib for mesothelioma, which compares nintedanib in combination with pemetrexed / cisplatin followed by nintedanib monotherapy to placebo with pemetrexed / cisplatin, go to the page (NCT01907100).

To keep up do date with the status of the Lux-Head&Neck 3 phase III clinical trial, which compares afatinib to methotrexate for the treatment of recurrent and/or metastatic head and neck squamous cell cancer after platinum-based chemotherapy, go to the page (NCT01856478).

memo inOncology SPECIAL ISSUE congress reports

Congress Report Special Issue Boeringher Ingelheim

Boehringer Ingelheim supports the Springer memo inOncology publication series with an unrestricted educational grant as part of the “Let’s collaborate” approach to improving customer care through medical education and the exchange of ideas.

Each memo inOncology SPECIAL ISSUE congress report summarises the latest findings in lung cancer to come out of a major international congress.

Check the homepage to see the archive, and access Spanish, Japanese, and Mandarin editions. Or download recent issues right here!

ASCO 2017

WCLC 2016

The memo inOncology Education series seeks to keep oncologists at the forefront of lung cancer research.

Fundamentals of designing clinical trials

The memo inOncology Education FUNDAMENTALS OF DESIGNING CLINICAL TRIALS series provides oncologists with a detailed insight into oncological trial design.

Part 1: Biomarkers in oncology trials

Part 2: Contemporary designs of phase I and II trials in oncology including endpoint selection and quality of life as an endpoint

Preceptorship reports

memo inOncology Special Issue Preceptorship reports summarise the latest in lung cancer research and treatments to come out of a Preceptorship meeting series supported with an unrestricted educational grant from Boehringer Ingelheim.
The inaugural Springer Lung Cancer International Preceptorship was held at the Vienna General Hospital (AKH), on the 20th and 21st June, 2016. Read the meeting report here.

Springer Lung Cancer International Preceptorship 2016 meeting report

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