About OncologyPRO

OncologyPRO - Oncology Professional Resources Online - is a scientific and educational portal exclusively designed by ESMO to offer its members access to the latest information in new cancer therapies,  prevention strategies and research breakthroughs in the easiest and quickest way.

OncologyPRO is the leading source of intelligent information for healthcare professionals and decision makers.

By providing ONE single access to multiple sources, OncologyPRO is a powerful tool that not only helps oncologists save time but also:

  • Stay updated on the latest trends and discoveries in oncology around the world.
  • Develop better cancer therapies.
  • Learn about best practices from peers.
  • Expand clinical expertise.
  • Improve understanding of clinical trials.
  • Facilitate individualised medicine.

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  • News: Stay current with the latest oncology news
  • Tumour Portal: resources grouped together according to the disease or topic area so that you can find all educational content catalogued around your own area of interest
  • Meeting Resources: From a single page you can access abstracts, webcasts and slides (where these have been made available) and view these resources by topic or by meeting
  • Clinical Practice Guidelines: Access recommendations for the highest standard of care for cancer patients via evidence-based information including the incidence of the malignancy, diagnostic criteria, staging of disease and risk assessment, treatment plans and follow-up
  • e-Learning Modules: for your continuing medical education
  • Glossary on Molecular Biology

OncologyPRO Advisory Board

The OncologyPRO Advisory Board members are responsible for:

  • Selecting and reviewing material to be included in the OncologyPRO portal from ESMO and third parties.
  • Defining the display of content within each section.
  • Defining search criteria and keywords for search tools.
  • Identifying potential improvements to the functionality of the OncologyPRO portal.
  • Identifying potential sources of new material to be included in the portal.

The Advisory Board members representing ESMO are listed below:

Name ESMO Role Country
Jean-Yves Douillard Educational Committee Chair France
Raffaele Califano Young Oncologists Committee Chair United Kingdom
Andrés Cervantes Guidelines Working Group Chair Spain
Robert Eckert Community Oncology Working Group Chair Germany
Michele Ghielmini Publishing Working Group Chair Switzerland
Richard Hermann Examination Working Group Chair Switzerland
Lorenz Jost Cancer Patient Working Group Chair Switzerland
Claus-Henning Koehne e-Learning and CME Working Group Chair Germany
Nicholas Pavlidis Global Curriculum Task Force Chair Greece
Florian Strasser Palliative Care Working Group Chair Switzerland
Giampaolo Tortora Translational Working Group Chair Italy
Cristiana Sessa ESMO Board Member Switzerland
Svetlana Jezdic Medical Oncologist ESMO staff
Keith McGregor Senior Director Business and Strategy ESMO staff
Katherine Baria Senior Online Education Manager ESMO staff
Ronnie Lassiaille Head of Web Department ESMO staff
Last update: 26 November 2013