Summary and Further Reading

Chapter 6 - The Essentials in Radiation Oncology for Brain Tumours


  • RT is used for both curative and palliative treatment of brain tumours
  • Craniospinal RT is an essential component of the curative treatment of medulloblastoma
  • Low-dose RT is a curative treatment for intracranial germinomatous germ cell tumours
  • RT has an established role in the adjuvant treatment of high-grade brain tumours
  • RT is used to improve local control of benign brain tumours and tumours not accessible by surgery
  • RT dose fractionation and extent of irradiation depend on the tumour histology and treatment intent
  • Long-term side effects of RT include cognitive impairment, pituitary dysfunction and an increased risk of CVA and secondary tumours
  • Single-fraction radiosurgery is an effective treatment for small solitary brain metastases
  • Corticosteroids and anticonvulsants should not be used prophylactically
  • Corticosteroids at low doses should be reserved for symptom control

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