Summary and Further Reading

Chapter 2 - Clinical Presentation, Differential Diagnosis and Response Assessment of Gliomas


  • Patients may present with generalised symptoms or signs that reflect the location of the tumour
  • Common symptoms are headache, nausea and various signs of cognitive impairment
  • Tumours in the anterior frontal or temporal lobe may cause subtle or severe changes in personality and memory
  • Partial or generalised seizures may indicate a glioma
  • Weakness and sensory hemineglect are common deficits
  • Different brain disorders have to be considered in the differential diagnosis of glioma
  • Cerebral metastasis may look like malignant gliomas; furthermore, abscess and stroke mimic malignant glioma
  • The most accepted endpoints for clinical trials in neuro-oncology are overall and progression-free survival and quality of life
  • MRI is the gold standard for evaluation of tumour burden
  • Increased knowledge in tumour biology gives new predictive and prognostic markers

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