Summary and Further Reading

Chapter 13 - Management of Spinal Tumours


  • Spinal oncology division compartments with 50% extradural, 40% intradural–extramedullary and 10% intramedullary manifestation
  • Spinal neuro-oncology is very similar to cranial neuro-oncology
  • Surgical management of spinal cord tumours requires a high degree of specialisation
  • Progressive neurological symptoms warrant immediate intervention to prevent progressive to irreversible deficits
  • Surgery is recommended in all symptomatic intradural-extramedullary tumours
  • Surgery of intramedullary tumours can be performed with minimal morbidity
  • Interdisciplinary decision-finding processes are recommended in primary and secondary spinal tumours
  • Indications for surgery of primary and secondary spinal tumours are isolated tumour manifestations and/or threatening paraplegia or instability
  • Surgery combined with radiotherapy is superior to radiotherapy alone
  • Spinal decompression and stabilisation is effective in reduction of pain

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