Summary and Further Reading

Chapter 10 - Classification and Treatment Strategies of Meningiomas


  • Meningiomas are the most common primary intracranial/intraspinal tumours in adults
  • Meningiomas are more common in women than in men
  • Risk factors include higher age, female gender, prior cranial irradiation and hereditary tumour syndromes (e.g. NF2)
  • Patients with germline NF2 Mutations typically present with multiple meningiomas and bilateral vestibular schwannomas
  • Radiological assessment is preferentially done by cranial MRI
  • Common intracranial locations are the cerebral convexities, olfactory grooves, sphenoid wings, tentorium and posterior fossa
  • Histopathologically, approximately 75% of cases correspond to WHO Grade 1 (benign meningioma), 20% to WHO Grade 2 (atypical meningioma) and 5% to WHO Grade 3 (malignant meningioma)
  • Neurosurgical resection is the treatment of choice for newly diagnosed meningiomas
  • Adjuvant RT is commonly applied after resection of WHO Grade 3 meningiomas, and after incomplete resection of WHO Grade 2 meningiomas
  • In the recurrent setting, surgical resection, fractionated RT, radiosurgery or systemic therapy are commonly applied, but evidence from clinical trials is lacking

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